Well Stone


Company name Well Stone Co.
Head office 6742-1 Tano-cho Ko, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
TEL: 0985-83-0117 FAX: 0985-83-0078
Established June, 2006
Representative Yoichi Ishii, Representative Director
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Business Earthworm research and development
Earthworm breeding
Main bankers Miyazaki branch of Kagoshima Bank
Business Department of the main branch of Miyazaki Bank
Miyazaki branch of the Mizuho Bank



June, 2006 Incorporation To carry out earthworm R&D and patent acquisition
July, 2006 Patent rights Enter into patent license agreement with Kiryu Co., Ltd.
January, 2007 Goods collection facility Located in the Kiryu premises (earthworms collected for pick-up and delivered to Kiryu)
February, 2007 Commence sale of bred earthworms to Kiryu
September, 2008 Land acquisition Land acquired at 6742-1 Tano-cho Ko, Miyazaki City as an office and breeding facility
September, 2008 Building extension
and reconstruction
Reconstruction and dismantlement of existing building
November, 2008 Work completed Breeding facility completed and breeding gets underway
July, 2009 Patented EU nations
United Kingdom
August, 2009 Patented South Korea No.10-0977113
Australia No.2008201345
September, 2009 Patented Taiwan No.330532
October, 2009 Patented Hong Kong No.HK1131908
April, 2010 Patented Australia No.2008201345
July, 2010 Patented EU nations No.2105139
September, 2010 Patented Taiwan I 330532
October, 2010 “Fibrin and synthetic amide resolution” method of testing the potency of lumbrokinase (earthworm enzymes), as documented in “Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy”
(Vol.20/No.6/November 2010)
Patented South Korea No.10-0977113
Hong Kong No.HK1131908
December, 2010 Patented Canada No.2627031
March, 2011 Patented Japan No.4699974
August, 2011 Patented Japan No.4808822
December, 2011 Patented Japan No.4886017
January, 2012 Patented Russia No.2438681
March, 2012 Patented United States No.8137701
China No.ZL 2008 1 0088558.4
Australia No.2010226962
October, 2012 Patented South Korea No.10-1198192
Canada No.2716043
November, 2012 Patented China No.ZL 2010 1 0282979.8
December, 2012 Patented Taiwan I 376226
January, 2013 Patented South Korea No.10-1230763
March, 2013 Patented United States No.8394417
April, 2013 Patented Japan No.5243662
Tyrosinase inhibitor using dried earthworm powder and its manufacturing method
May, 2013 Patented Philippines 1-2008-000103
July, 2013 Patented China No.ZL 2011 8 0004473.3
Taiwan I 40070
Israel 208669
August, 2013 Patented Australia No.201138109
Canada No.2804129
January, 2014 Patented Hong Kong No.HK1176882
May, 2014 Patented EU nations No.2484369
June, 2014 Patented Philippines 1-2010-000319
September, 2014 Patented EU nations No.2316464
October, 2014 Patented Philippines 1-2013-500550
February, 2015 Patented Russia No.2543318
June, 2015 Patented Hong Kong No.HK1155980
September, 2016 Patented Japan No.6002331
Catecholamine production accelerant, therapeutic/prophylactic medicine for ailments caused by catecholamine deficiency and therapeutic/prophylactic food composition
December, 2016 Patented United States No.9511098
March, 2017 Patented Japan No.6100411
Deodorant manufacturing method and deodorant
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