The Power of Earthworms

Skin-whitening Effect

Results of creation and use of a dilute solution of New SK Powder (based on evidence from our tests)

Rakusui has succeeded in acquiring an application patent for New SK Powder, dried powder made by Rakusui using heat treatment. In analysis of the skin-whitening effect of New SK Powder extraction liquid, its efficacy in blocking tyrosinase was confirmed.
The reaction in the human body that generates melanin, which gives the skin its pigmentation, includes a reaction in which tyrosinase changes dopa into dopaquinone. If this tyrosinase can be blocked, the reaction that generates melanin can be slowed down.
In joint industrial-academic research, it was confirmed that the earthworm extract on which New SK Powder is based has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects.

What is Melanin?

Two types of melanin exist: Pheomelanin and eumelanin. The ratio between these two types of melanin determines the color of skin, hair and eyes. When people speak of “melanin” in beauty-care contexts, they are referring to eumelanin. Excessive production of eumelanin can lead to skin trouble such as mottled skin.
Blocking the enzyme tyrosinase enables excessive production of eumelanin to be controlled.

Measuring the Activity of Tyrosinase

Melanin pigment is generated when dopa is modified by tyrosinase. This pigment is measured at an optical density of 490nm. Using ion water that contains no earthworm extract as the baseline of 0%, tyrosinase blockage was calculated for each earthworm extract. Where blockage of tyrosinase is confirmed, ingredients with whitening effect are assumed to be present.

When the tyrosinase-blocking effect of the water extract from the powder produced by Rakusui was calculated, it was clear that, at a minimum, tyrosinase was blocked. It was also confirmed that extraction could be performed using harmless water, rather than with hazardous solutions.

Usefulness as a skin-whitening agent : Patent No. 5243662

Micro-powder plant / Product powder and solution

The product powder was developed as a pharmaceutical product but is also used as a cosmetic ingredient.

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